Join the Baking Revolution!

Are you a home-baking looking to sell your products?

Bakesale connects home-bakers to local customers and offers the right tools that are easy to use

Turn your love of baking into a home business.

Join Bakesale – the revolutionary market for home-baking.

Where shoppers purchase directly from creative bakers like you.


Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Bakesale seller.


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Support and resources to help you set-up your store and succeed in your home-baking business.


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Bakesale has the answers

Are you finding it difficult to succeed in the home-baking market?

Are you stretched between baking and paperwork?

Would you prefer to focus on baking?

No listing fees

Starting a store on Bakesale is free. There are no set-up costs. This is how we are different from other marketplaces. 

We put accessibility first – not profit.

Great value

We have lowered the risk for you to access the benefits of our services. You only pay Bakesale when you make a sale and this is a fixed and known cost. 

No set-up fees or hidden fees

Bakesale does not have hidden fees.  We offer all our services for a flat 5% commission.

See our fees page for other fees information, such as third party fees.

Support and education

Bakesale offers support specialists anytime you need a hand and get tips on running a successful store in our Support and Education Centre. 

Easy to use

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business, so you can focus on what you love – baking!


Our friendly Bakesale team (who are also keen bakers!) will make it easy for you to get started.

Help when you need it

When you sign up to Bakesale, you’ll receive more than a baker’s dozen of support and encouragement to grow your business into a profitable, stress-free and enjoyable career.

Join the Baking Revolution!

Bakesale is a new online marketplace created with a commitment to connecting home-bakers to customers. Bakesale gives you a professional and appealing online store that makes the process of attracting customers and making sales easy, so that you can get back to doing what you do best – baking!

We believe that home-bakers are filling a much-needed gap, bringing back the love and the home-made touch, providing an alternative to the churned-out, mass produced goods on offer at the supermarket. 

Bakesale knows that home-bakers can offer more range, quality and a personalised service that means clients are going to receive exactly what they are after, with an added sprinkling of homemade magic!

That’s why we call this the Baking Revolution!


So what are you waiting for?

Dust the flour off your phone and join the Baking Revolution!

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© All rights reserved Bakesale 2022.


© All rights reserved Bakesale 2022.

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