Sweet Dreams Desserts

Wedding and Event Tasting Box


Tasting boxes are the perfect way to sample 6 of our delicious cake flavours. These are perfect for sending as a gift, cake tasting if you’re unsure which you’d like for your event, or simply to treat yourself.

Discover our exquisite Wedding and Event Tasting Box—a delightful selection allowing you to savour the celebration in each bite. Carefully curated, this box offers six cake flavours, a testament to our dedication to crafting memorable moments.

Planning an event? Our Tasting Box guides your cake choice. It's perfect for tastings, ensuring harmony with your theme. A confident decision made through a delightful journey.

Beyond celebrations, savour moments of indulgence. Treat yourself to bliss exploring diverse flavours. Whether a quiet evening or personal celebration, our Tasting Box turns ordinary moments into memories.

Elevate your moments with celebration's essence. Our Wedding and Event Tasting Box isn't just flavours; it's an invitation to explore taste and joy. Whether a gift, event planning, or personal indulgence, it crafts happiness—one delectable bite at a time.

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Meet your baker


Meet Anna, the creative force behind Sweets Dreams Desserts. With a passion for baking and an eye for detail, Anna transforms ingredients into exquisite treats. Her dedication to perfection and a blend of traditional and innovative techniques make every creation a masterpiece that delights the senses.